Why I love photography

Growing up, I was always surrounded by photography. My father was always taking pictures and videos of me my sister and I. It would always get on my nerves when we had to stop to take a picture for every single occasion, and on every opportunity that my dad had. Now, when I look back at those moments, I realize that It was all worth it. As a matter of fact, it has taught me to love and appreciate photography for what it really is: To capture life’s moments in a split fragment of a second.

The idea of saving a memory through a simple photo, is absolutely astonishing. It gives me the motivation every single day to take pictures and capture these instants. In my opinion, one day without a photo, is a lost day, and potentially, a lost moment. In other words, going one day without capturing a fragment of that day, is a lost opportunity as there would be no other way to look back at it.

I feel like photography is very important. Think about how our world would be without photos and videos. We would have to rely on our memory to go back to those special moments in life.

Photography is used all around the world. Our television displays photography every day of our lives. Our phones have cameras on them to capture moments in a matter of seconds. Our computers, have cameras to talk to people around the world while being able to see them live.

Photography is used as a way to talk to society now these days. Social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are all based on the basic concept of photography. At its finest, we can use it to communicate with whomever we want around the world.

I love expressing messages and ideas through photography. In my eyes, it has truly been one of the greatest technological advances of our world. Without photography, our world history, ancestors, and memories, would be lost. There wouldn’t be photos to look back to when wanting to remember our loved ones who are absent or have passed.


Currently, photography is becoming much clearer and more refined. We have 4k technology, that uses sharp image quality to express memories like never before. Places like Times Square wouldn’t be amazing without photography. Magazines would be plain to the eyesight with just words.

It is unknown, how photography and its technology, will continue to advance in the years to come. We now have flying drones to capture moments from an aerial view. Hollywood producers, spend millions of dollars in production just to get the right shot, in an effort to capture the desired and intended ideas.

Editing software can be used to make any video catered into your idea. For instance, photography has the capacity of capturing the last second of a basketball shot. That last penalty shot, scored in the world cup final. The last home run to win the world series. Camerawork has the ability of expressing feelings through all types of sports, and activities. For this reason, it will always be important to me. My life would be so different without photography.

Photography is important to me and will always be my passion in life. Having the ability to look back into my past, is an invaluable gift. Having the ability to capture and share my greatest accomplishments, childhood memories, birthdays, and special occasions is something that can be only be done through this art, and I have photography to thank for that.

This post was inspired by my friend and mentor Melvin, Owner of Photo Booth Rental Richmond. As one of my mentors and experienced photographers, Mel has always been there for me, even when I was about to quit and start fighting. It’s not just about photography, it’s about your life.